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In 2017, the region’s gross regional product amounted to 5.1 trln. soums, of which industry is 3.4 trln. soums, consumer goods production 1.2 bln. soums, agriculture 2.9 bln. soums, construction work 526.5 bln. soums, investment volume 1324.4 bln. soums, volume of services 1581 bln. soums, trade and public catering 1859.6 bln. soums.

In the region there are more than thousands of industrial enterprises, 18 of which are large. For example, the «Syrdarya» thermal power station, «Gulistan Extract Yog» joint-stock company, «Mili Gulistan Textile» joint ventures, «Peng Sheng» joint ventures, «Bakht Tex Farm»,  «Khovosdon» joint-stock company, «Okoltindon» joint-stock company, «Sirdaryovino» joint-stock company, «Farkhod» thermal power station, «Electric Networks» joint-stock company, «Suvokova» SUE and others.

The Syrdarya thermal power station in Shirin is one of the largest in the CIS and accounts for one third of all electricity produced in Uzbekistan.

Industrial enterprises of the region produce more than 80 types of products – food products, modern construction materials, pharmaceuticals, medical products, leather and footwear, electricity, vegetable oil, textile and knitted goods and other products.



The Syrdarya region is a large base for the production of electricity, cotton fiber, textile products, grain, beans and melons,     as well as fruit and vegetable products.

Thus, it has a great potential to create new and expand existing capacities for the production of food products, processing of agricultural products and further exports.

Also, the region has a sufficient raw material base for the development of light industry and the production of construction materials.



According to the results of 2017 for the region, the volume of exports amounted to 144.3 million of dollars.

More than a quarter of all manufactured industrial products are exported.

Every year, the region grows and produces: 191 thousand tons of cotton, 200 tons of raw silk, 70 thousand tons of meat, 3 thousand tons of fish, 3 million head of poultry, 350 thousand tons of milk,                   514 thousand tons of melons, 500 thousand tons of vegetables, 50 thousand tons of fruit, 53 thousand tons of legumes, 17 thousand tons of grapes.

Today, over 80 exporting enterprises are successfully operating in the region, exporting more than 50 types of products.

The structure of exports is 40% of light industry goods, 26% of horticultural products, 16% of the leather processing industry, 8% of construction materials, 4% of pharmaceuticals and about 7% of other industries.

Enterprises of the Syrdarya region produce and export cotton, cotton yarn, knitted fabric, sewing and hosiery, semi-processed leather of cattle, finished leather products, pharmaceuticals, medical products, polypropylene bags, ceramic tiles, sanitary products, sand gravel mixture, pets’ food, fresh and processed fruit and vegetable products.

The export geography covers                       36 countries, the main share of export supplies falls to China about 30%, Kazakhstan 20%, Iran 13%, Russia 12%, and other CIS countries and Europe.

Successfully functioning 7 established trading houses in Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Ukraine. In addition, it is planned to open 4 more trading houses in Afghanistan, Tajikistan and India.



Сирдарё вилоятида ҳозирги кунда ҳорижий инвестициялар иштирокидаги корхоналар сони 89 тани ташкил этиб, шундан 64 таси қўшма корхона ва 25 таси 100% хорижий инвестиция иштирокидаги корхоналардир.

Мазкур хорижий инвестиция иштирокидаги корхоналарнинг асосий фаолият турлари енгил саноат, терини қайта ишлаш, озиқ-овқат, қишлоқ хўжалиги маҳсулотларини қайта ишлаш, қўрилиш материалларини ишлаб чиқариш, дори-дармон ва тиббий буюмлар маҳсулотларини ишлаб чиқариш ва бошқалар.

Шу билан бирга вилоятда эркин иқтисодий зоналар фаолият юритиб келмоқда. Булар:

“Сирдарё-Фарм” эркин иқтисодий зонаси бўлиб, умумий майдони 212,8 га ташкил этади. Ҳозирда 17 та лойиҳа кўриб чиқилмоқда ҳамда 4,5 млн. долларлик 1 та лойиҳа амалга оширилмоқда;

“Янгиер” кичик саноат зонасининг умумий майдони 200,0 га ташкил этади. Ҳозирда 139 та лойиҳа кўриб чиқилмоқда ҳамда 28 та лойиҳа амалга оширилмоқда;

“Жиззах” эркин иқтисодий зонасининг Сирдарё филиалида фаолият юритаётган “Пенг Шенг” ҚК томонидан 2017 йилда 6 лойиҳа амалга оширилган бўлиб, жорий йилда эса
47 млн. долларлик 7 лойиҳа амалга оширилиши режалаштирилган.

“Вандагруп” МЧЖ томонидан 70 млн. долларлик 6 та лойиҳа ҳамда “Спанлекс” МЧЖ томонидан 25 млн. долларлик 1 та лойиҳа амалга оширилмоқда.

Ушбу зоналарда хорижий инвесторларга барча шароитлар яратилган бўлиб, хорижий инвесторлар божхона ва солиқ тўловларидан озод этилган.

Шу билан бирга, бугунги кунда вилоятда қуйидаги соҳаларда сезиларли даражада амалга  оширилмаган салоҳиятлар мавжуд:

  • енгил саноатида – 2018 йилда
    220,0 минг тоннадан зиёд пахта ҳосилини йиғиш режалаштирилган бўлиб, 2017 йилда
    75 минг тонна ёки 22% пахта толаси қайта ишланган.

    As of December 1, 2017,                           87 enterprises are operating with foreign capital in the region: 62 are joint ventures, 25 are enterprises with 100% foreign capital.

The main field of activity of these enterprises is the textile industry, processing of leather, food industry, retail trade, carpet production, processing of agricultural products, poultry farming, production of pharmaceutical products and others.

The following have been established and are successfully operating in the region: a small economic zone  “Syrdarya-farm” (territory – 212.8 ha., projects under consideration – 17, project in the process – 1 worth 4.5mln dollars), a small economic zone “Yangiyer” (territory – 200 ha., projects under consideration – 139, project in the process – 28), also branches of Independent Economic Zone (IEZ) of Jizzakh – “Peng Sheng” JV (in 2017 6 projects were implemented, this year 7 projects are planned for the amount of 47 million dollars), “Wang-da Group” (6 projects worth 70mln dollars are in the process), “Spunlex”                  (1 project worth 25mln dollars is in the process)    

In these zones, a favorable investment climate has been created, foreign investors are exempted from customs and tax payments for a period, depending on the amount of investment invested.

At the same time, today there are significant unrealized potential in the region on the following sectors:

– textile industry (in 2018 it is planned to collect more than 220 thousand tons of raw cotton, for 2017, processing of 75 thousand tons of cotton fiber accounted for 22%);

– pharmaceuticals (in the process of completion there are 16 projects worth more than

170 million dollars.);

– leather processing (there are 6 leather processing plants with a capacity of 2,700 square meters, more than 360 thousand units are produced annually, and its investpotentsial is more than 50 million dollars.);

– processing of raw silk (the region annually produces 400 tons of raw silk, there is no processing – the investment potential is about 25 million dollars.);

– information technologies (creating joint-ventures on producing software and mobile applications – potential over
10 mln. dollars.);

– constructional materials  (established production of ceramic tiles 3,4 thousand square meter, potential of the region – 7 thousand square meter, investment potential is more than 40 million dollars);

– processing of agricultural products                   (771 enterprises are established in the region on the production of agricultural products. At the same time, the region produces more than 50 thousand tons of bean products, 146 thousand tons of  cereals, 34 thousand tons of fruit and vegetable products, and it is possible to attract 100 million dollars investment on processing.);

– food industry (there are 258 enterprises in the region, and investment potential of the region is more than 100 mln.);

– beekeeping, fish farming and other spheres of agriculture (18 enterprises have been established in the field of beekeeping, which produce more than 230 tons of honey, investment potential is more than 20 million dollars).


Сирдарё вилоятида 1 та эркин иқтисодий зона, 1 та фармзона, 10 та саноат зоналари мавжуд бўлиб, “Жиззах” эркин иқтисодий зонаси Сирдарё филиали, “Сирдарё фарм” эркин иқтисодий зонаси ва “Янгиер кичик саноат зонаси” ҳисобладнади.

It will be implemented 101 projects which the total value is 790,1 million dollars in FEZ and SIZs.


– There are 8 projects in Syrdarya branch of the Jizzakh FEZ which the total value is 222,1 million dollars.

There are 17 projects in Syrdarya-Pharm FEZ which the total value is 177,7 million dollars.

–  In Yangiyer SEZ is implemented 76 projects which worth 390.2 million dollars. As a result, about 6.9 thousand jobs will be created.

Within the framework of free economic and industrial zones, 101 projects are being implemented with a total cost of 790.1 million dollars.

In particular:

There are 76 projects in Yangiyer SIZ which worth for 390.2 million dollars. As a result of the implementation of these projects, it is planned to create about 7,000 new jobs.


It was established in the Syrdarya region in accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On the establishment of the free economic zone “Djizak” from March 18, 2013 No. PD-4516. It has 149.9 hectares of land, including 58.8 thousand square meters of existing buildings and structures.

In this free economic zone, the Uzbek-Chinese joint venture “Peng Sheng” has launched and currently operates 6 investment projects worth 150 million dollars.

In particular, the production of mobile phones in the JV “Peng Zhong Xeng Shing”, the treatment of the animal intestine in JV “Peng Sheng Casing”, the production of pet food in JV “Peng Sheng Feed”, the production of sanitary ware in JV “AWP”, the production of ceramic tiles in JV “SIRDARYA CERAMIC PRODUCTIONS” and JV “Peng Sheng” implemented a project to create an eco park, which now employs more than 2000 people.

Along with this, another 14 projects will be realized for the amount of 127.9 million dollars and the work is underway with foreign investors to create about 1,500 new jobs.

With the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On the Creation of Free Economic Zones” Nukus-Pharm, Zomin-Pharm, Kosonsoy-Pharm, Sirdaryo-Pharm, Boysun-Pharm, Bostonlik-Farm and Parkent-Pharm”from May 3, 2017 No. PD-5032 and Khokim of the Syrdarya region from May 6, 2017 on the basis of Resolution No. 239 “On the selection and distribution of land” was created the Office of the Free Economic Zone “Syrdaryo-Pharm”.

In accordance with Resolution No.172 on May 17, 2017, the governor of the Syrdarya District and the Decree of the Governor of the Region No.389 on August 15, 2017 on the allocation of individual land plots to the management of the Syrdaryo-Farm FEZ, 212.8 ha. of land were allocated. Also, by the Decree of the regional hokim No.362 on July 28, 2017, the Administrative Office of FEZ Syrdaryo-pharm was established and its charter was approved.

In accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, a number of benefits were identified, including the use of foreign credit lines to finance proposed investment projects on the territory of the Syrdaryo-Pharm FEZ, provision of technological equipment for leasing, provision of foreign engineering, communications and road infrastructure, as well as exemption from tax and customs (except for customs clearance) payments.

Today, 12 projects worth 160.9 million dollars are planned to be implemented on the territory of the FEZ. As a result, more than 1,000 new jobs will be created and the import will be reduced by 10.5 millions of dollars.


At present, 89 enterprises with foreign capital operate in the Syrdarya region. The bulk of enterprises operate, 64 (71.9%) in the industry, 10 (11.2%) in the trade, the rest are in the agriculture, forestry and fisheries 5 (5.6%), in the transportation and storage 3 (3.4%) %), in the construction              3 (3.4%) and in other industries 4 (4.5%), these enterprises exporte products for the amount of 64.7 million dollars.




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