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Investition climate of syrdarya region



Syrdarya region was founded on February 16, 1963 and is located in the centre of Hunger Steppe oasis.

  • Location east of Uzbekistan Distance from Tashkent city – 68 km
  • Area – 4,3 thousand. sq. Km Boundary – In the North borders on the Republic of Kazakhstan, in the East on Tashkent region, in the South-East on Republic of Tajikistan, in the South-West on Djizak region.

Consists of – 3 cities, 2 towns under
district authority, 8 districts and
21 urban- type communities Regional centre – Gulistan city

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Syrdarya region has the limited reserve of natural resources. They provide potential of development of manufacture of building materials, including the brick and tile raw materials, reserved in Bajaut, Gulistan areas, and also in the Dmitrov field, which draws up 9,2 million m3 .

Sand-and-gravel materials are located in the Verhnovolynsk field in Sajhunabad area. Reserve draws up 5,5 million m3. Sand can be used as a fine aggregate in concrete making.

Mineral underground waters are located in the Malek field in 5 km to the south of Syrdarya tawn. Reserves of Malek field are confirmed by «Uzbekgeologiya».

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  • Electricity – 3 thousand MWatt
  • Gas supply – 591,6 mln. cube/m per year
  • Water supply – 8,2 mln. cube/m per year

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Roads 2 thousand km, including highways.

The “Great Uzbek Highway” arterial roads, crosses

over the territory of the region.

Railroads – 400 km

Railway stations – there are 4 railway stations in the region: Gulistan, Sirdarya, Yangier cities and Khavast district. It gives an opportunity for regular trains to regions of the republic, also to Russia, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan.

Logistics – Internal regional transport communications have wayouts to all neighbouring states and via them to large sea ports. Transport infrastructure got a good development for  the account of terminals “Akaltyn cotton recycling base” and “Syrdarya Akaltyn Tola” enterprises.

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Macro economical indices

Increase of GPR consist – 107,0%




Foreighn investments 2012-2014 years




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Presently Syrdarya region 67 enterprises with foreign investments are registered, 16 of them are entirely based on foreign investments. The enterprises with foreign investments provide over 5000 capable citizens of the  region. In 2014 the volume of goods and service production of such enterprises has risen to 175 % in comparison with 2013, the volume of exported goods and  service rise to 217 % in comparison with 2013.

In comparison with last year the grain of small business in total amount of export has increased on 155,1 %.


Restaurants – 50

Sport complexes – 362

Hotels – 6

Recreation parks – 2

Museums – 2

Palaces of culture – 82

as well as museums and theaters


By decree of the President of Republic of Uzbekistan the enterprises involving direct private foreign investments in any district of  Syrdarya region, are released from:

– payment by primary activity,

– income (profit) tax,

– wealth tax,

– social infrastructure development tax,

– single tax for microfirms and small enterprises, and also obligatory deductions in Republican road fund.

Define, that the specified tax privileges are given at volume of direct private foreign investments:

From 300 thousand US dollar to 3 million US dollar – for a period of 3 years;

– Over 3 million dollars to 10 million US dollar – for a period of 5 years;

– Over 10 million US dollar – for a period of 7 years.

Touristic potential

One of the perspective directions of investment is considered Tourist branch In Syr-Darya region are developing such types of tourism as: historical and architectural, religious and pilgrimage, environmental, therapeutic. In the region there are on an ongoing basis organized exhibitions, in which different samples of national clothing, musical instruments, ceramics and articles of national craftsmen are exhibited.

On the way of the Great Silk Road in the territory of Syr-Darya region there is situated a unique historical hydrotechnical construction “SARDOBA” – presenting indoor pond with a dome, which was erected for special storage of water in the regions where lack of water existed. Historians witness that even in times of great Amir Temur, together with his fleet went through Hungry steppe to Chinaz. At that time he saw dilapidated construction for water storage and ordered to rehabilitate it. As the legend says people stood hand by hand from Samarkand to this construction and passed burnt bricks to each other for rehabilitation of that construction.


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