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10 April, 2018

The Syrdarya region is a large base for the production of electricity, cotton fiber, textile products, grain, beans and melons, as well as fruit and vegetable products.

Thus, it has a great potential to create new and expand existing capacities for the production of food products, processing of agricultural products and further exports.

Also, the region has a sufficient raw material base for the development of light industry and the production of construction materials.

More than a quarter of all manufactured industrial products are exported.According to the results of 2017 for the region, the volume of exports amounted to 144.3 million of dollars.

Every year, the region grows and produces: 191 thousand tons of cotton, 200 tons of raw silk, 70 thousand tons of meat, 3 thousand tons of fish, 3 million head ofpoultry,350 thousand tons of milk, 514 thousand tons of melons, 500 thousand tons of vegetables, 50 thousand tons of fruit, 53 thousand tons of legumes, 17 thousand tons of grapes.

Today, over 80 exporting enterprises are successfully operating in the region, exporting more than 50 types of products.

The structure of exports is 40% of light industry goods, 26% of horticultural products, 16% of the leather processing industry, 8% of construction materials, 4% of pharmaceuticals and about 7% of other industries.

Enterprises of the Syrdarya region produce and export cotton, cotton yarn, knitted fabric, sewing and hosiery, semi-processed leather of cattle, finished leather products, pharmaceuticals, medical products, polypropylene bags, ceramic tiles, sanitary products, sand gravel mixture, pets’ food, fresh and processed fruit and vegetable products.

The export geography covers 36 countries, the main share of export supplies falls to China about 30%, Kazakhstan 20%, Iran 13%, Russia 12%, and other CIS countries and Europe.

Successfully functioning 7 established trading houses in Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Ukraine. In addition, it is planned to open 4 more trading houses in Afghanistan, Tajikistan and India.


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