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10 April, 2018

The Syrdarya region is an ancient geographic region, at the intersection of Sogd, Choch and Fergana. The oldest settlements appeared on the banks of rivers and lands available for irrigation. The first settlements lived in the district of Khodjamushkensay, Shurbulaksai, Mogsil, Togobsay, Sarmichsai, Syrdarya. Archaeological evidence suggests that the first farming settlements appeared about 3000 years ago in the area of Khodjamushenkensay and Shurbulaksay.

The oldest monuments on the shores of Shurbulaksay are the monuments of Old Khavast and Nurtepa. There are two monuments mentioned by Arab geographers in the Syrdarya region, these are Sabat and Khavast. Khavast was the center of the so-called Rustak.

There are favorable conditions for the development of tourism in the region. In particular, the natural climate is characteristic for the desert region, a number of lakes, artificial reservoirs and forests provide great opportunities for the development of hunting and ecotourism. In particular, the farm “Sayhun”, established in 1995 on the bank of the Syr Darya River, specializing in the breeding of wild birds, not only increased the population of wild ducks and geese, but also preserved 382 hectares of forests. More than 30 varieties of trees and shrubs are grown on the territory of the farm, black snakes, wild pigs, spiders, and more than 20 species of wild birds are bred.

In the region there are more than 20 hotels for tourists, which can accommodate about 400 foreign and local tourists, as well as the development of medical tourism. During the year, more than 14 thousand foreign citizens visit the region for recovery.


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